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Thread: How to stop the bleeding... on the field

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    How to stop the bleeding... on the field


    I do not know how the offense practices, but in most cases you play like you practice, and when the ball is snapped everyone on offense is moving at different speeds and what looks like their own agenda. There is zero accountability, a theme blazing through the entire organization.

    The screen that was intercepted is a whole microcosm whole of the situation IMO. It was the perfect play call in that situation. First problem, we are throwing it to Greene who would have needed to set up his blockers and use actual vision. Why the hell would Powell or McKnight be catching that pass? Sanchez has to get that ball over the defender, and get more depth in that drop. There are no excuses, it's a four yard pass. Here was a situation they moved the chains twice already, had a big play called and it ends up in the other teams hands.

    Sanchez has missed a ton of throws, and has saddened me to the point I've almost given up, but I think that topic will and has drawn it's own attention in separate threads.

    Powell, needs to play and there should be no excuse. Even over McKnight, he is heady, picks up blocks and be reliable. Some have said this, also why not go sign someone like Jabar Gaffney. With Holmes out, he is someone who can run good routes, get open and is not over the hill. Instead they have someone like Clyde Gates in the huddle who provides nothing, no development, no future. He's suppose to "know the offense" but can't even be discipline enough to run a crisp route. Give me a break.

    Greene, Keller, Holmes.... thanks, but no thanks you've all done it to yourselves.


    The d-line has been a mess. They can not stop the run. Pouha has come back from injury and looked nothing like he has in the past. Ellis has shown flashes and is still developing but is still inconsistant in stopping the run. However, both are getting blown off the ball especially yesterday against a team that you know is going to run it. Coples has finally started to get some playing time. There is no other option but to play this kid. Moose Johnson said it yesterday, when Coples makes a nice play and then comes out, that he didn't understand why that would be the case, and I agree.

    The tackling in general are all arm tackles. The D-line can not shed a block forcing linebackers to fill and tackle and hang for their lives against RB's. Aaron Maybin is nowhere to be found and the lacking defense against the run is probably the reason. Something needs to change, because as well as terrible tackling against the run, game there is no pass rush. I can't remember the last time they have sent a DB on a blitz to generate something.

    The pass defense statistically has been ok, but Kyle Wilson's finger-waving self, is going to get burned sooner or later. Rex's answer; sign another DB. How about adding a another TE or WR, you incompetent baffoon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NYJCAP2 View Post

    I do not know how the offense practices, but in most cases you play like you practice, and when the ball is snapped everyone on offense is moving at different speeds and what looks like their own agenda.
    Now this is really interesting to me.

    When I went back and looked at all-22 film from the Miami game, I picked up something that I thought I was noticing full-speed for a while: that the team seems to move in a very uncoordinated fashion.

    I remember the 2009 team and 2010 really - watching the line: they played like a single unit. They had nice shape, flow - whatever you want to call it. I don't know enough about football to say whether what I am seeing is valid, but on both sides of the ball, both lines - they just look like a mess.

    The results show up on the O-side with a chaotic pocket, where rushers seemingly come at any moment from any angle. On the D side, it's practically the same, as runners have lots of cutback options and our LBs often find themselves screened out of position, etc.

    The team has no rhythm, no flow. They don't play as a team anymore.


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