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Thread: LMFAO @ "rebuilding"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    Don't sweat it. Just like O'Donnell and Mirer before him, Manning would have forgotten how to throw a ball before the ink was dry on his Jet contract.
    So what you are saying is, it's not the player, it's the Jets? Ya know, someting,, more than not,, I feel the same way, we are cursed. can we get some Hindu tribe to sacrifice a lamb for the half time show???

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    Dolphins. colts and rams are rebuilding this year. It still happens.

    To start the rebuilding process, we need to rid ourselves of the following:
    entire coaching staff
    eric smith

    Hire Jay Gruden to install a current nfl passing attack, let him draft a qb in round one that he can develop like he did with andy dalton and lets go baby!

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    Hard to rebuild when your whole drafting/scouting/player development/talent evaluation organization is one of the NFL's worst, when your owner is a silver spooned twit, your GM is a glorified accountant, and when your head coach basically feels he can plug any old player into his defensive schemes successfully because he is, after all, the "greatest defensive mind" in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelioion View Post
    Which is why they have to commit to rebuilding (which isn't easy)...

    1) Which means trading any tradable talent over 27 for picks. Gives you a better chance of hitting on some.

    2) Letting younger picks play, even if they're not ready, to see what you have and get them time to get better.

    3) Bring in a GM that understand it's about building an explosive offense.
    You can't just rebuild the whole house, you have to have a room to sleep in, meaning, you have to have a part of your team that is solid. Hate to bring it up, NE, BB has been rebuilding his whole defense, how can he do that, because Bradey can through the ball to my Grandma and score TD's. the O is solid enough to win games by scoring a lot. we need to solidify the Running game and QB spot. Until we do that we go nowhere. you can't rebuild the whole team at once, and those who say Defense wins games, well zero points on Offence loses them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snell41 View Post
    Tell me how we replace 3 starting LB's, 2 Safeties, a RB, a TE, at least 1 WR, and possibly 1 or 2 OL in one year? Oh, don't forget QB too.
    Eleven players is half the starting roster. And all of whom need to replaced in the same year. That's not very good planning by the FO !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chupa View Post
    This isn't 1995. Teams don't "rebuild". This is the era of parity, where bottom feeders win divisions the following year.

    The Jets have an extremley young roster.

    Do they lack youth and athletisim at RB, ILB, OLB? Duh...

    But you can improve those spots. "Blowing up" a team is a nonsensical idea that no team does.
    A young roster that can't play football. Change everyone on this teams staff. Bring in someone who can coach the entire team, then bring in someone to draft correctly, then there's a chance. As long as there are no changes made, this team will continue to loose and let its fans down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chupa View Post
    The Jets have an extremley young roster.
    Thats not accurate.

    Actually most teams are really close:

    1 Rams 25.32 17 Jets 26.21
    2 Eagles 25.55 18 Saints 26.34
    3 Browns 25.62 19 Raiders 26.38
    4 Vikings 25.64 20 Giants 26.4
    5 Packers 25.65 21 Ravens 26.4
    6 Buccaneers 25.69 22 Texans 26.42
    7 Seahawks 25.77 23 Broncos 26.47
    8 Chiefs 25.8 24 Redskins 26.53
    9 Patriots 25.81 25 Steelers 26.56
    10 Titans 25.85 26 Bills 26.57
    11 Bengals 25.87 27 49ers 26.64
    12 Panthers 25.91 28 Bears 26.66
    13 Dolphins 25.91 29 Cardinals 26.91
    14 Cowboys 26 30 Lions 26.93
    15 Colts 26.02 31 Falcons 26.98
    16 Jaguars 26.06 32 Chargers 27.15


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