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Thread: New Story: MOURNING AFTER REPORT: Back to the Drawing Board

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    Post New Story: MOURNING AFTER REPORT: Back to the Drawing Board

    An all around awful performance by the Jets in a home shut out loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. There's no way around it. The Jets were outplayed, out-executed, out-hustled and out-coached by Jim Harbaugh's group. Too add injury to insult, the Jets lost their best offensive weapon, Santonio Holmes, to a non-contract knee injury* -- a play eerily resembling Darrelle Revis' torn ACL injury suffered just last week.

    But back to the insults for a moment.

    The Jets weren't just outplayed, they were outplayed like a Jet. Since Rex Ryan has taken over the reigns as head coach, he's...


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    Ok, how to do we fix this?

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    After this trashing Rex gives the team a few days off.

    Scary how mismanage this organization appears to be.

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    Somewhere in the midwest there's a certain offensive coordinator chuckling


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