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Thread: cowboys bears game chatter.

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    cowboys bears game chatter.

    d ware is a monster.

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    You know what I am noticing: what a well-blocked run play actually looks like. I had forgotten. I swear, watching these guys run - everyone looks like Walter Payton compared to what my eyes are used to.

    Specifically, both first runs the teams made. With Ryans outside on the first play, for 8 yards. And the same for Forte, up the middle for 8 on a play that looked snuffed in the backfield. Forte goes out and Bush dances up the gut for another big carry.

    Other teams busted plays are practically more productive than our actual run plays called in the huddle.

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    aggravates to the hell out of me to see every offense in the league operate this quickly with the speed and ball movement. we have none.

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    Is 1st and 5 from the 35 better than 2nd and 1 (or 2) from the 26? I wouldn't think so. Seems like a bit of overvaluing the first down there.

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    witten is mr.reliable.


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