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Thread: Is BeanCounter Hiding?

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    Is BeanCounter Hiding?

    Has anyone heard anything from the Bean Counter in the last couple of weeks. Usually he loves to go on radio and TV but I have heard nothing from him.

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    he fears for his job as he should. need him gone.

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    He is the absolute worst GM in football.

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    must be really busy looking under rocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    must be really busy looking under rocks
    I heard he did something to his back while looking under rocks. He originally thought that it was his shoulder, but then when the MRI came up negative, the doctors concluded it must be his back. Nothing is conclusive yet.

    No absolute time table is in place for his return, but the circulating rumors indicate that he will be gone for "weeks"

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    I shouldn't have started this thread. Out of nowhere I thought about the contract Bean Counter gave to Holmes---Now I'm going to have a drink and go to bed.

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