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Thread: YOU Be the GM: The "Fix the Jets Now, and Going Forward" Thread of Couch GM Funtalk

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    Now/Remainder of Season:

    1. Give Sanchez a physical to see if he's injured. If not give him 4 more games then turn the reigns over to McElroy.

    2. Trade a 7th round draft pick to Seattle for Edwards. Yes I know some people say his knee but a 7th round pick for a player who had chemistry with Sanchez might be a good move.

    3. Learn to run a real wild cat and be more creative on offense.

    4. Make Powell the starting RB

    5. Make Bart Scott the Captain. I know he has tons of missed tackles but he can also be a leader and try to rally the team.

    6. Start some of our younger players on defense.

    7. Start to use more two tight end sets. Sanchez seems to be more comfortable throwing to the tight end and we need extra help for the OL.

    8. Line Tebow up more in the backfield. He threw a couple blocks to protect Sanchez.

    Long term:

    1. Get rid of Tebow. Too much of a distraction.

    2. Get rid of Greene. He is more of a change of pace back who did well when he had Thomas Jones or Tomlinson here. He is not a starting RB. I'd see what Powell can do this year and see if there is a veteran RB to pair him with.

    3. Get help on the OL. I'd do this in the first two rounds of the draft.

    4. Sign a veteran WR to pair with Holmes and that can have chemistry with Sanchez. I'd give Sanchez and Holmes both one more year because well we will be in cap hell otherwise.

    5. Get rid of Tannebaum but keep Rex. Awful drafts. Better at writing contracts.

    6. Let Revis play out the last year of his contract unless we can get him for a deal close to what he currently has as a long term deal.

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    probably have to cut the old linebackers after the year a la cutting Marvin Jones and Mo Lewis after 2003.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digetydog View Post
    Replace Teblow with a Drew Stanton type QB.
    Still find it amazing that the Jets had the actual Drew Stanton type on the roster...and gave him up for Tebow. My moves:

    1) Powell starts. McKnight is primary backup.
    2) Terminator is terminated (nice drop on Sunday, JC). Elevate Grimes in his place and start Reuland or Cumberland at FB.
    3) Coples starts, and Davis/Maybin(or Sapp) see extended minutes. When those guys come in, Jets go 4-3 front with Wilk & Coples on the end and Ellis/Pouha in the middle.
    4) Kyle Wilson relegated to slot corner as soon as Berry learns 50% of the playbook.

    1) Tebow/Greene/Slauson/Moore/Pace/Scott/Thomas all cut/not resigned
    2) Re-up Revis and extend Cro to lessen his number. Re-sign Landry to a longer deal if healthy.
    3) FA pickups: FS, RB, G, and (hopefully) possession WR
    4) Jets should be able to secure a QB with a top pick.
    5) OLB/RT with 2nd & 3rd picks. Depth elsewhere as needed.

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    1. Sanchez gets this last game as our QB. NO Tebow. If he fails to play well, it's Tebow time. Sanchez has had 4 years, and is still unable to complete over 60% of his passes. Ironically, this was his biggest strength coming out.

    2. Bench Greene. A hot hand between Joe McKnight, Bilal Powell, and Jonathan Grimes starting Monday. Bilal gets the start, but the carries will be split evenly, and whomever has the hot hand gets the job.

    3. Holmes is done. Out for the year. Lets see if Hill can be our legit #1 and if Keller can be anything more than a mediocre TE in the league.

    4. Maybin - Harris - Davis - McIntyre are our new LB corps. Maybe becomes the pass rusher, Scott, Pace, BT, hit the bench. Our defense suddenly becomes young and athletic.

    5. Wilkerson - Ellis - Coples - Our new DL. Sorry Pouha and Devito but it's time to see what we got. Lets play fast and young.

    If Sanchez loses his job, we go out and take the best QB available in the first round. Barkley or Geno Smith are my preferences. And let Tebow start the year off as our starter until a kid is ready or Tebow loses the job.

    Runningback should be our 2nd rounder. Try to snag Reggie Bush in free agency if at all possible. If not, lets take a scat back. The big backs just aren't effective in the NFL today.

    3rd/4th round lets see if we can get a playmaker at safety and a road masher on the offensive line.

    5th/6th/7th lets try to do what we did back in the Mangini era. Another backer, linemen, maybe a linebacker.

    Free Agency - Roster Moves

    - CUT Holmes, Scott, and Pace.

    Trade: Harris for a 4th round pick. (Just like we did with Vilma, except this is the right move)

    Free Agency: Bring in Braylon and Chad Johnson, and let the best man win. 1 year deal on the minimum.

    FA: Lets see who we can get at linebacker, outside or inside we gotta find someone.

    FA: A safety, I don't care who, but we need a playmaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    Hope the title makes the point. Since we're all (generally) in utter disgust over SUnday, and less optimistic about 2012 as a whole, why not have a wee thread of "What would YOU do" to enjoy.

    My own (NOW):

    1. Demote Greene to #3 RB. Start #1 Powell, #2 McKnight. Greene gets a few carries late.

    2. Bench Santonio Holmes for the remainder of the Season. Cut at seasons end.

    3. Sign Chad Johnson at WR for Veteran Minimum (or he can sod off) for 1 year (this year). Cut him the first time he talks to the media, or drops a pass.

    4. Tebow gets 10-20 plays a game, minimum. 60% run, 40% pass. Chips fall where they may, Sanchez can't cut it. Go "all in" on the Two-QB system, since the one QB system is utterly horribad.

    5. Throw out alot of "Mega Bulk" packages. Two->Three TE Sets. TE's at the WR Spots. Lots of short, easily completable routes. QB is told to run instantly (like they mean it, not like a *****) if their first two reads are covered.

    6. On D, return to the era of "Every play was a crazy, full out, reckless blitz from every direction". If you're going to suck, and give up 5,000 yards a year, at least do it with some balls and effort.


    1. Cut ties with Holmes. Cut ties with Revis. Trade if possible (for maximum number of picks). Draft for depth instead of names.

    2. If keeping Sanchez, find WR's with the best hands possible, the never-drops-it kinda guys.

    3. Fix the O-Line.

    4. Pass Rushing Blitzers anyone? Draft 10 of them it thats what it takes to find at least ONE who can do it consistently.

    5. Cut Tebow. If you're not going to use him right (or at all), get him out of here. Cut Sanchez next if he finishes 2012 under 58% completion %.

    6. 2013, the Year Rex Makes or Breaks. No excuses. Even if 98% of the Roster is killed in a freak silly-putty factory explosion, if Rex fails to win 10, he's gone.
    1. Agreed that Powell should start. As bad as Greene has been the holes have not been there all season long outside the Buffalo game.

    2. Cap-wise both Tone and Sanchez are going nowhere. They are locked in. Btdubs Tone is by far the most talented WR on the roster and has at least 2-3 years left in him after this season.

    3. Chad Oldchostinko is done. Rather have Burress who played effectively for us last yr, is still in shape and his only violent offenses are against himself and not his wife.

    3. No.

    4. The problem with the two TE sets is none of our tight ends can block. Mike Tanenbaum needs to answer for that.

    5. The rest of the league figured out how to scheme for Rex's blitzes last year. We need a dominant pass rushing DE or OLB. Coples can be that guy but we're forced to play him as DT in a 3-4 b/c our Linebackers are too slow to play 4-3. So until we get LB's who can actually run Coples is stuck plugging holes instead of rushing from the edge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    1. Powell is the starter at RB Monday night
    2. Sanchez starts Monday night
    3. Coples starts Monday night
    4. Demario Davis plays at minimum 1/3 of the defensive snaps on Monday night
    5. Ricky Sapp is active (if healthy) even if it is over Maybin

    Short Term – Remainder of Season
    1. Powell and Coples are starters for the remainder of the season
    2. If Davis holds his own at all, his snaps increase up until the bye when he becomes the starter
    3. Barring a Win vs the Texans, McElroy is the starter for Indy and going forward with Tebow getting 10 -15 snaps a game.
    4. Antonio Allen is activated and receives any snap that Eric Smith would receive

    Long Term
    1. If McElroy turns out to be effective enough to be the starter in 2013, then this season is salvaged. If he isn’t, we address the position through the draft.
    2. Revis gets resigned for $13 million per season
    3. Bart, Eric Smith, Pace, BT, Moore, all gone
    4. David Harris traded for a 3rd or 4th round pick, saving an additional $5-8million or so in cap space
    5. After QB, find a guard, OLB, and RB in the draft or FA
    6. Target Larry Grant (SF ILB) as a cheap replacement for harris
    I would piggy back this, minus the McElroy and draft plan.

    4 players are going to cripple this team.

    Sanchez, Holmes, Harris and Revis.

    Revis got hurt at the most unfortunate time from a business standpoint. They could traded traded him for as much as they but that seems out of the equation now. Sign and trade maybe if he comes back okay next year.


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