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Thread: How to ensure talent declines ? Sign them to a contract extension

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    How to ensure talent declines ? Sign them to a contract extension

    At this point in time I'm not sure where the problems with the Jets are but I do know that since we haven't had a running game Sanchez has had major problems but more importantly an offensive line that was once the best in football is now average at best including Mangold who gave up a two sacks and a couple of rushes and was pushed aside by SF defenders.

    Maybe when these players get contract extensions they feel they dont have to play at 100% anymore but since our defense has been trying to tackle with their hands instead of their bodies it seems that the desire and heart has somehow gone out the window. Say what you want about Tanny and Woody, some of it is true, but damn it when you sign a player to an extension you expect that player to give 110%.

    Harris looks old and like he is running on reserves and draft picks just havent panned out. Whether it's Rex or Tanny Woody has to hold someone accountable because expecting things to change without changing anything is the definition of insanity

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    Sad to say but I rather have this team blown up and Woody bring in real football men to build this team from GM to the waterboy. There is something seriously wrong with this organization . No focus, no motivation, questionable moves the list goes on and on. Fundamentally this team lost.

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    They need to blow up this mess Colts style. Top to bottom keeping only what the must. Its that bad.


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