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Thread: Cimini: Tone likely done for the season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RussianGreen View Post
    Come to think of it, I was about to promise 14 wins this season some time in July and announce it.
    But something stopped me.
    It was your good sense.

    Not everyone possesses it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Ray19 View Post
    Wow, way to jump on to SAR's little wagon.

    My crap? That's laughable

    The word promise has been used in several of SAR's ignorant rants along with prediction, it's there, promise and prediction, changing the sig doesn't change any of that, I never once predicted or promised 12 wins for the team this year in the context he has ranted on about.

    As for the rest of your post, I have posters taking pot shots at me all the time, yet they are still around. Pot shots are all over the board, yet you seem to only have a concern for me.

    I respond to the pot shots, yet you call me out and not the originator.

    When I try to stick to contributing to the board, I get pot shots for that too.

    It's not about people disagreeing with me, it's the attitude and the same aggression several have with me daily no matter what I post. But I'm supposed to take it?

    What should you do, I don't know, go to the mod lounge and talk about it, I'm here to be a fan, and to engage in the fandom of the team, but this board has become a complete mess with ego, fans bashing each other, penis waiving contests, SOJF drivel, and then pathetic agenda schticks like the one SAR is allowed to spew on the board day in and day out. I once raised this with a mod, he agreed, mentioned he would discuss it over at the mod lounge, and now the guy is following me around like a sick puppy with this pathetic 12 game bull****, of which I never predicted or promised. And really, what the hell does it matter? Doesn't this fall under the category "don't call out other posters?" I guess that is what you want for the board...


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