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Thread: Holmes out, is this what Sanchez really needed? Eli/Schockey Part II?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickBri481 View Post

    Sanchez has had weapons. He's always been mediocre, weapons or not.
    You dont mean weapons like Plaxico (not in the league), Mason (not in the league), Kerley (good number 2-3), Keller (avg at best), Cumberland (stone hands), Greene (self explanatory), Turner (on the team??), S Hill (rookie), J Hill (who?), Gates (Mr Perfect route runner), Schillens (cast off...but I actually like him).
    Other than Holmes, who I wouldn't take if I can have any Giants receivers, is the only true threat, but I bet is a headache for Mark.
    I consider the 3rd and 4th years to define how a QB's career is going to go, but I have to give Mark a pass as this is what he has to work with. Don't agree PLEASE read the list again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamaicanJetFan View Post
    Cotchery and LT were acknowledged when I talked about the 2010 team.
    Plaxico was a net negative contribution to the team.
    Thomas Jones?
    Keller is fine, he's probably the definition of a league average TE.
    We'll see how the sans-Holmes era plays out.

    Bottom line is that the Jets have never been ranked as having an above average collection of offensive skill players between RB, WR, and TE under Rex.
    Now I hope that Kerley is a diamond in the rough, Schilens finally realizes his potential, Hill flashes, and Keller plays like vintage Keller. Sanchez has been missing half of his legitimate weapons for most of this season.

    Look, Sanchez may not be anything-- but I'm not writing him off until I've had a chance to see him with his weapons in a non-Schottenheimer offense (the rest of 2012)
    Plaxico was the best red zone target the Jets have had in years. And Thomas Jones you question? Guy was an absolute beast. Dustin Keller would be a pro bowler with Eli throwing to him.

    A great QB can turn ordinary guys into threats.

    You remember Steve Smith? Not the Carolina one...the one thats rotting away on the Rams. He was once a 100 reception guy. Kevin Boss? Rotting away in Kansas City. Mario Manningham is also next on the list of has beens.

    The Giants don't stumble onto these great receivers....Eli makes them great.


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