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Thread: Borgo-WCO Luthier-Guitar comment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borgoguy View Post
    If I had the money, I'd buy one, too. Plus one of their electrics. Great builder.
    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy® View Post
    their electrics kick azz
    I tried one out myself. The City Limits model. Honestly I didn't like the way it felt, might have been the fact that it had crusty strings on it. Not sure how they let a 5,000$ guitar auditioned in that condition but whatever.

    Sat down, played it, didn't love it. Was very meh. I'll still keep my eye on them though as I'm pretty sure that's not indicative of all of their stuff. More along the lines of the dealer who spent 80% of their attention on the acoustic side. In fact I'm pretty sure that guitar, a year later, is still for sale.

    Hard to talk bad about them based on that one encounter... especially after all the amazing tones I've heard via the youtubes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southside View Post
    What kind of Taylor? I have a 310CE from 2002. I'm thinking of getting a Collings acoustic as an upgrade.
    I play an 810 Taylor. nice sound, love it. This new guitar is deeper , better action and so far so good.

    To all who commented..THANK YOU. I really appreciate it. Borg, Timmy, WCO, WFish, SSide, 32. Hope I didn't miss anybody....


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