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Thread: We have all been on this ledge before but..

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    We have all been on this ledge before but..

    As Jet fans we I think we have all been to the point of rooting for another team, just switching colors..But for some reason us Jet fans find a way to step away from that ledge come wed. or Thur. with the idea that it will all be OK.. I have been fooled for 30 yrs, and shame on me to think this organization will do anything to turn things around.

    This yr feels different from others its completely out of control, like it or not we are the laughing stock of the league and it does not seem to be getting any better.. Tebow.....I have to say if we start this joke of a qb...I may turn my attention to wards another team...I know don't let the door hit me in the ass, goodby...and all that ****..

    I will be in front of the TV once again on Mon. night with the hopes of beating the best team in the league right now, I will actually have a reason why we could win..but by the second half it will be clear that I was fooled once again.....Mon. night final.....Jets 6 Texans...put up 50..

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    Tebow is a winner that got his team to the playoff last year. He takes way too much dissing. It was stupid of the Jets to pick him up and anoint him as the backup though.

    The problem is that you look at a guy like Tebow and we laugh at his 45% comp rate and his foibles. then we look at our starting 'normal' Qb and he's passing for 45%

    anyway I wouldn't worry, we may see more of Tebow but the Jets painted themselves into a corner with Sanchez and he'll be the 'starter' come hell or high water.

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    Who the hell is talking about switching teams?

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    I have never and will never consider rooting for another team but I will simply stop watching Football.

    I commit all my Sundays to this team but at some point it's just too frustrating. This is an absolute mess.

    There's nothing here worth watching that even gets you excited about the future.

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    Pretty much exactly what Beefish said.

    Tebow has a sub 50% completion percentage because his mechanics are awful. Sanchez's mechanics are fine and his is just as bad.

    Tebow's running ability as a scripted play, or to make something out of a broken play are WAY above average for an NFL QB.

    There's nothing Sanchez does that's close to average, much less above average for an NFL QB.

    That being said--trading for Tebow was just a weird, weird thing to do. Especially since the trade ensured that we didn't have an NFL-ready backup passer on our roster.

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    The Jets are not a choice. They are an affliction.

    Besides, I've seen the Kotite era. This is not the bottom. Not even close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traitor Jay & the Woodies View Post
    The Jets are not a choice. They are an affliction.

    Besides, I've seen the Kotite era. This is not the bottom. Not even close.
    Yes, the Kotite era truly was a sad, sad time. One couldn't dispute that underlying all of that losing, we had the core of a good team just waiting to mature with more pieces added to the puzzle. It took Parcells to add those missing pieces and bring that core out.

    This team... the offense looks talentless and putrid while the defense looks morally defeated. And both sides are hamstrung by injuries to pile on.

    I too would rather stop watching football tthan change teams. Same thing with the NBA (with that the officiating is so biased come playoff time, I swear it off every year, give it a chance and swear it off over and over). I'm a loyal fan and if they just kept sucking and getting worse, would lose interest in general rather than betray my loyalties. I swore off this team after the '93 collapse and a few other times. I keep seeing signs of getting better, then collapse, It's tough to watch over and over and over....
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    We Jets fans are a bunch of sadists & masochists.

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    I know I love this team...but I feel soo bad bringing my kids in to it..They are innocent..I feel bad when my daughter calls me and say "sorry bout this sun."..I love this team and know deep inside I will always bleed green.

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    I dont want to change allegiance. IDC if we go 0-16 It's gang green till I die. But I would like to press the reset button on this franchise however....

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    I once thought I might ALSO root for Seattle if I ended up moving there, them being NFC and me liking their logo and colors (sans the dayglo chartruce highlights) and all.

    But I didn't move. And even if I had, it would have been Jets #1A, Seattle #865C maybe.

    No, at this point is is what it is. I'm not 8 years old and still forming. I've spent 20+ years of my life with the Jets as a major emotional interest, not about to dump them now, after that kind of investment.

    Jets 4 Life. Win, Lose or Suck.

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    for a few decades now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traitor Jay & the Woodies;4628849[B
    ]The Jets are not a choice. They are an affliction.[/B]

    Besides, I've seen the Kotite era. This is not the bottom. Not even close.
    More of a disease. Jet green gonorrhea.

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    Watching Sunday i was reminded of 99 the week after vinni went down...

    But the more i think about it I'm reminded of 2002.

    Beat the bills in week 1,

    lose 44-7 to NE
    lose 30-3 to MIA

    Sub Chad in for Vinny

    lose 28-3 to JAX
    lose 29-25 to KC

    1-4 at the bye. This board was incredibly similar - except find and replace Rex or Tanny with Herm or Bradway, or Vinny and Chad with Sanchez and Tebow.

    I'm telling you the feeling is EERILY similar.

    Then we got our **** together and went on a run for the ages, maybe I'm a dreamer but I think there's enough parody in the league that this team might be able to do the same, esp with the remaining schedule we have.

    Yes that season didn't end in a Super Bowl, but thrashing the packers to win the AFCE and then demolishing the colts in our most recent home playoff game felt pretty good didn't it?

    lol. Put tebow in. Lets do it all over again.

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    Who talked about changing teams?

    I'm pissed an dissapointed but I bleed green for life.

    What sucks right now is, we're 4 games into a brand new season and it's pretty obvious this season is close to trashed. I will still watch and root as normal but this is depressing to say the least. My heart will allow me to have hope until we are mathmatically out of it. But my head tells me this season is OVA!


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