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Thread: The NYJets are gonna win on Monday night

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEWNYJETS View Post
    Since the JETS hear it all the time, the last time HOU beat a team with a winning record was 6 games ago against the Bengals I think. Before that?

    This year their combined competition record is 5 - 11, the ony 500 team was Denver and they won by 6.

    I know, just trying to grasp onto something here.

    1. You can only beat who's on your schedule.

    2. I actually watched the Denver/Houston game and it was not as close as the score. Manning put up points in garbage time after the game was over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srobjets View Post
    You really need to let everyone know what you are smoking. Really.
    Don't smoke and don't drink anymore.

    The Jets are gonna win this game.
    Say it with me, you will feel better
    Now say it like you believe it.

    I do.

    The only problem is i don't know why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    The Vikings have Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, Percy Harvin etc.

    We do not have 1 player that is the caliber of those guys.

    You need playmakers to win. We dont have any. Dont say cause the vikes won we can win. We cant. We dont have the personal the vikes do.

    And through 4 games THEIR QB, Christian Ponder has ZERO ints. Imagine. It CAN be done.


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