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Thread: Tanny and Sanchize: what are we thinking?

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    Tanny and Sanchize: what are we thinking?

    Gimme a break! Tanny's background: Lawyer, "Capologist", then GM?? Never played the game, never coached, then becomes THE TALENT EVALUATOR for an NFL team! No different from a dentist becoming a GM! We're not talking Gil Brandt here! Sanchez: trade the dude straight up for Josh Freeman...Bucs want a game manager, Freeman's too "undiscliped" for them: hey, the guy's at LEAST got a deep ball and can improvise....Sanchize: good guy, below average talent/ability....Trent Dilfer....WAIT! Dilfer had a better deep ball! What good having Hill/Holmes/anybody with speed if he's gotta wait for the ball to get there! Puleeze.....we gotta cut our losses on Tanny and the kid, laughs on us.....

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    (uhhh - right? )


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