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Thread: Texans overrated???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike135 View Post
    Too early to tell, especially considering their schedule so far. So can't really judge where they are in the AFC now.

    Though I think I know where they'll be Tuesday morning... 4-1
    What do you mean too early to tell? Every team has played 4 games, if you think they are overrated how did you arrive at it?

    At the end of November last year they were the #1 ranked team in the AFC and they made the playoffs (with williams and Davis not playing the last 1/2 of the season)

    Now they have the QB back.

    how do you see the jets exploiting the texans on defense and offense Monday?
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenwichjetfan View Post
    lol you mad bro?
    LOL, not at all. I'm stoked for my overrated team to cruise to another easy division win and then we'll see what happens. Our clueless coach has even finally put together a promising D with a lot of young players and rookies who are contributing from day 1. All without ever once declaring himself the best defensive coach in football.

    And to the OP's point, the road to the AFCCG is likely going through Houston. Not overrated in the least. And I also think you'll find out the following week that even Andrew Luck isn't overrated.


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