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Thread: New Story: Extra Practice Session Added for Extra Focus on Run Game

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    Post New Story: Extra Practice Session Added for Extra Focus on Run Game

    Florham Park, N.J.- The Jets have all sorts of problems that need to get worked out if they hope to be as good as they think they can be, but their two biggest problems, by far, revolve around the running game.

    The league may have changed into a more pass oriented league than ever before, but being able to run the ball consistently as well as stop the other team from running the ball are still two of the biggest factors separating winning teams from losing teams. Right now the Jets have been atrocious in the run game on both...


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    Read the article, so they know it's going to be a run and he let them know when it was going to be a play action pass. WTF? I read this and started getting a headache. I'm no expert on this, but doesn't letting them know what's coming kind of defeat the purpose? So when they line up against the Texans and don't have a clue of what's coming, how are they prepared? Here comes another shut out.

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    Sporano teams have a history of starting out very slow, it will be at least another 5 games before it gets going


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