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Thread: Can someone remind me when the last time we had a good pass rush?

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    Thanks guys some of you could easily do stand up. I remember that fans wanted him gone but could not remember the reason. Looking back is this one trade you would take back? I'm not sure he could have thrived here.

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    Abraham and Ellis at the ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nike View Post
    money is only an issue when it comes to certain players.
    If he stayed healthy, the Jets would have given him whatever he wanted as far as money goes. He seemed to always be hurt for us, so there was no way we could give him a long term deal back then. I was totally in favor of trading him at the time. It was obvious it wasn't going to work out with us.

    I have been surprised at his ability to stay healthy with Atlanta after his first year there. Never thought hed still be a great player 7 years later. I think he is now the 15th all-time sacker. Amazing.

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    Playoffs in Foxboro...


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