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Thread: The Secrets to Giants/Jets Stadium Changeover

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kentucky Jet View Post
    Its ridiculous to label an entire city as not wanting the Jets! Being honest SAR, only SHELDON SILVER was the blocking force behind the WESTSIDE STADIUM. He was worried that "construction dollars" would be diverted from the WTC area to the WSS and his buddy at cablevision did not want the WSS. Prior to that the WSS project was upheld by all levels of state and city government and the courts until one out of three advisors( S **thead Silver) on the final Govt panel blocked the construction of the WSS.

    Then the idea of a stadium in Queens came up and Woody said he was not interested. I can understand all sides but SAR please use some truth when trying to spin this to your way of thinking! Just sayin'.......
    I think it is the Queen's thing that bothered me the most. Up until then I thought Woody was a man of his word and truly cared about the team and fans. I went the Queen's stadium rally and it was a joke. Woody wanted no part of Queens because it wouldnt be as lucrative as Manhattan. This was the first strike, then Favre, now Tebow, throw in PSLs and $50 to park and Woody has been exposed. Meddeling owner who knows nothing about football. Its all about the JETS as a corporation for Woody, as long as they are relevant in the papers. What a ass clown our owner turned our to be. We now pay the price. Mangini couldnt care about the back pages, didnt help Woody's cause. Same goes for players like Cotchery and Thomas Jones. Too quiet, to classy. I get the feeling Rex will be around for awhile, he adds to the circus which the media loves.

    God help us as JETS fans with Woody Johnson as owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAR I View Post
    Don't bring in the issues about the type of team we have, the awful head coach we have, the circus-like atmosphere that's here. We get that, we agree, it has nothing to do with a 30 year commitment on a personal seat license to a stadium that's in New Jersey
    I never made any of this about PSL's. Why bring that up here? I am arguing that the clusterfu*k of the stadium has everything to do with what type of team we have because it was when this stadium was announced that Woody started meddling and the circus began.
    Furthermore, the reason for the empty seats in the upper deck has everything to do with the old-time fans, many from Queens, who decided not to show up after the Jets stopped making the playoffs.
    It's not just the upper deck also. It's the 10% nonclub PSL's that are not sold like you said previously. That is significant. And hey if it's the old time fans that are not filling up the upper deck how is that not on Woody? Number 1 he built it in the wrong place and number 2 the horrible sightlines of the upper deck (cue the parachute pic). Is just plainly obvious that Woody did not know his fanbase. The Giants did but Woody didn't.

    The first two years after the new stadium opened, nobody was talking about the lack of the sellout, or potential blackouts.
    Nobody was talking about it? That's a joke. Only about 5000 threads on JI.

    Seriously SAR is it the narcs that's making you like this? You're off your game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queens Jet Fan View Post

    Is just plainly obvious that Woody did not know his fanbase. The Giants did but Woody didn't.

    Same geography, same city, same stadium. Giants are genius, Jets are idiot.

    You make me laugh. Show me your Long Island Ducks season ticket invoice.

    SAR I

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAR I View Post

    Same geography, same city, same stadium. Giants are genius, Jets are idiot.
    SAR I
    And you are the genius that thinks the Jets and Giants have the same fanbase because they have New York before their name?


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