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Thread: We Want The Pumpkin !! We Want The Pumpkin !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Band View Post
    We`ll never have Jets games like that again. The Jets fans were voted as the worst fans in the league for a few years until Philly took the role.

    Games at Shea were just as nuts. Lots of people high on lots of different drugs there. I enjoyed the trip to Shea from NJ. The #7 train was an awesome ride to Shea. EVERYONE does laundry on Sunday morning in Queens. LOL Just riding that line over Queens was a cool sight. I was a teenager back then and we would bring our beer with us and pot ofcourse(pot was great in those days). The cops never bothered anyone drinking on the train as long as you brown-bagged it. It was about a 45 minute ride from Port Authority to Shea. Back then you had to buy your beer/booze the night before because you couldn`t purchase beer until 12:00pm and in many places you couldn`t purchase ANY booze on Sundays. Shea was a dump though. The water was rarely on and the piss troughs were always clogged and overflowing. You actually had to urinate in the drain in the middle of the floor. No one wanted to stand in the overflow of urine. It was also always very cold at Shea. The ride back wasn`t good usually. The Jets weren`t good and after a loss the ride was sobering to say the least.
    Actually, I think that tonight has A LOT of Pumpkin Night potential.

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    This has to be one of the best threads I have seen in months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traitor Jay & the Woodies View Post
    Actually, I think that tonight has A LOT of Pumpkin Night potential.
    Thanksgiving. You watch.

    They'd better flex that game, I kid you not.

    SAR I

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgoltsch View Post
    This has to be one of the best threads I have seen in months.
    I use to love the Jets when I was younger. Up until 1998 when they choked against Denver. Thats when the Jets fanatic in me died. I continued going and financially supporting until 2004. You hit a certain age and sports doesn`t mean much anymore. I do have some great memories though. As insane and stupid as they may seem to some, they were all great memories. As this thread shows us, lots of us still have those memories. Thats when being a Jets fan actually meant something. Not this "proud to be a STH/PSL owner" crap goes. having money to throw away doesn`t make anyone a better fan. We had fans back then in the old days.

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    I need more Pumpkin game stories. Funniest thread since the Sopne stuff!


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