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Thread: Trade Stafford for Peyton?

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    Trade Stafford for Peyton?

    In the preseason I traded Peyton for Stafford. Now I have a chance to swap back (I'm giving up a WR as well...not concerned about that)

    So, should I trade Stafford for Manning?

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    I'm still thinking, that Stafford can return to his last years performance. But that might need another 1-2 games. So, if you want to be on the safer side go with Peyton. He'll produce.

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    Peyton is no target to have over 32 sacks and has been hit at least 2x that. Stafford was just killed by Minni though. I'd keep Stafford honestly. If only for the fact he does have the best WR in the game right now. Although Denver does have the better schedule.


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