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Thread: Joe Namath on Michael Kay....Please Joe Enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by leftturn3 View Post
    he has shown himself to speak when he should be silent. As the voice of a team/corporation or a figure head, you need to know your limits, when to bite your tongue and use your influence for good rather than bad and Joe has no clue.

    Wait, what? Since when is Joe Namath a voice of the team? He is an ex player who, because of his stature in the history of the franchise, gets asked his opinions about the Jets. And he gives honest answers. Be silent? How ridiculous a statement is that. Jeez.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boynton Beach Jets View Post
    Love these newbee Jets fans they have no clue. Joe Namath is everything good about the Jets. He says things because he is loyal and loves the Jets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mart View Post
    Sometimes the truth hurts....

    He's spot on..He knows Woody is all about selling tixs (wanting Favre and Tebow) and not about winning
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