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Thread: Tonight's Jets/Texans Attendance: 79,055

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlagmanL11 View Post
    And I got a Stella waiting for him....
    That was my beer of choice last night. I was even nice enough to offer my golf cart driver one but he declined. I probably shouldn't have even offered that to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlagmanL11 View Post
    It is tickets sold in the NFL, they got away for the actual attendance #'s years ago. All sports do it now. The Jets have had 79,088 announced attendance for all three games this year. There were plenty of empty seats in the Upper deck, prob 75% full at the most.

    But who cares, the crowd was good and fired up no matter how hard Sanchez tried to quiet us down with his shaky play. Tailgate was great and it was actually the first time ever I ran out of beer. And not it was not due to people being bombed, just that a lot showed up that I did not expect to be there.... Good night all around, minus the loss...

    Turned to my friends I was with, half way thru the 4th quarter, and said this is why we go to the games...
    Hell yeah! Great time yesterday - nice tailgate with some beers and some good grub. Then a rowdy crowd making lots of noise on defensive stands.

    Of course, the loss really stunk. But up until that point it was great.

    Now this morning.....holy ****.....I'm getting old....did anyone get the license plate number of that bus?


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