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  • He can be the franchise QB of the Jets if surrounded by good talent.

    43 30.28%
  • He is very average at best, not a liability but also not capable to lead to victories on his own.

    44 30.99%
  • He's not equipped to be a starter. After 4 years it's clear he's not the guy.

    55 38.73%
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Thread: The Mark Sanchez Poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    How anyone can still consider Sanchez to have the potential to be a franchise QB is beyond me.
    Don't worry about it. There's always going to be some people that you just cannot reach. There just not the sharpest knives in the drawer. If they saw Sanchez fail a million times they'd probably still hold on to some sort of hope.

    Hell, just last night I had Sanchez 3:16 tell me to "book it", Sanchez will play well and put up good numbers.

    It makes me want to ask the guy if he's on drugs?

    The bottom line is there's always going to be those that think otherwise. They are wrong, but they are entitled to be wrong if that is what they want.

    To our benefit is the vast majority knows the truth and knows Sanchez needs to go. It's just a matter of time and the healing process for this offense can begin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marano View Post
    Sanchez's resume to date is an under 50% completion rate. He fumbles and throws interceptions like he is getting a bonus for them. He wreaks of no confidence and has shown little in ability to play consistently good football. Any bonehead that believes that because Tebow has played part of one year in the NFL as a starter somehow makes him more qualified or a better QB than McElroy is just ignorant. He lucked up and won some games last year. He is a player with heart and toughness and he is very competitive. He does not have the QB skills to be the starting QB. McElroy has not been given a chance. There have certainly been QB's with more on paper who have played at a much lower level than what they are supposed to.(Sanchez) If McElroy is not given a chance to play NFL football, how will anyone know if he can or can't. Given our options at this point I think we need to find out. Anybody have a better suggestion, fill me in but please stop with the Sanchez and Tebow sh@t, they are not the solution merely part of the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    I've shifted toward 3.

    When you're a streaky player you need to be good more often than bad, and that simply isn't the case. Sanchez defenders will point out that he's in a tough spot right now (100% true) with poor line play, suspect weapons, and an awful running game. But never, at any point in four years has he showed the ability to take over a game and dominate. He's not a top tier guy, and in this league that's what you need.

    A) He's still horribly innaccurate. Far too often he simply misses throws. Behind the receiver, too far wide, out of bounds, in the dirt. Forget the horrific completion percentage -- many passes we complete require great efforts from the receivers and often yards are left on the field because guys are falling down or going out of bounds to make catches that should be routine -- he's worse on short throws than he is on long ones.

    B) He still makes horrible decisions. He doesn't protect the ball and routinely misreads coverages. He never runs with the ball and will scramble around losing yards or throwing up desperation picks instead of taking sacks.

    C) He's immature and not a leader. This team doesn't believe in the guy. He still seems like a sulky kid out there, IMO.

    It's time to move on.

    I was shifting toward 3 at the end of last season. I was willing to give Sanchez another chance in a new system, but he has confirmed my initial fears that he simply doesn't have what it takes to be a successful starting quarterback in the NFL circa 2012.

    He doesn't read defenses well, he doesn't make the players around him better, and he's horribly inaccurate. You can't build a team around a quarterback who needs everything to be absolutely perfect around him in order to have any semblance of success.

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    So at this point....

    About 70% of fans think Sanchez is not and will not be an elite / franchise QB (combining the last two choices).

    About 62% think Sanchez is average or better (combining the first two choices).

    I think both are very telling and I agree with both. I actually voted for the second option. Sanchez can't carry a team and he can't lead the Jets to a championship with his arm. But, he is not the biggest problem the Jets have, and as he's shown, he can steer the chip to championship games on multiple occasions. My opinion is that the Jets could certainly upgrade the QB position but it shouldn't be one of their top priorities right now. In order of need, I would try to upgrade the WR, TE, and LB spots before I got to upgrading the QB.

    It would be nice to have an elite QB, Sanchez isn't one. But only about 5 to 8 NFL teams have an elite QB. I think Sanchez is capable enough, as he's shown, to win games with a good supporting cast and without constant musical chairs at WR (Cotchery, Edwards, Plaxico, Hill, etc).

    I'd fix a few other things before I look to change out the QB. And especially if you're a McElroy fan, do you really want to put him out there for the David Carr treatment? You want him to cut his teeth by passing to Clyde Gates, Jason Smith and Konrad Rueland as he's running for his life? He'll look even worse than Sanchez.


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