First let me say that the Texans are benefitting from a very easy schedule and if anyone thinks they are Super Bowl favorites they are drinking some very powerful stuff. I have no doubt that a team like the 49'ers, Giants or Ravens could bring them down to earth very quickly.

The more I see of the Jets the more I believe the core of the problem is two primary areas; first the offensive line has to get better and if this means replacing a lot of starters than it has to be done. While we don't know what goes on behind closed doors at Jets HQ if Rex and Tanny are not having come to Jesus meetings with people like Dbrick and Moore than something is def wrong.

Second for a team to draft defensive players and have a defensive that can't stop the run on the field is truly puzzling especially when Rex is supposed to be a "defensive" genius. Is it that so many draft picks were that bad or is it slow and "I got my contract" players who just don't want to give it their all ? I saw several plays where Harris was easily taken out because of his lack of speed or intensity.

At the end of the season Sanchez will still be our QB and in all likelyhood Tebow will be gone. To surround Sanchez with average talent and expect him to shoulder the load is really hard to understand. He's not that type of QB that can carry a team.

Believe that Tanny and Rex will make a lot of changes in the off season. I could easily see at leasat 40-50% of starters getting cut while they evaluate the draft and free agent market. It's hard to fathom that we have to wait for another year but I really believe that this team will get better in the coming years.