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Thread: From what I've see so far, Jets should NOT keep Revis

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    Quote Originally Posted by patman View Post
    Revis wants 12 mill a year minimum. There are only three teams next year that have that much cap space as of right now. That does not mean that they are willing to pay revis that much, just that they have the room. Any other team will need to clear room plus give a pick to sign him coming off and acl tear. I dont see the demand.
    Plus you have to remember that the jets don't save any money on the cap by trading him next year.
    You're right actually. Taking a loss on the cap may be worth the draft picks if the right deal comes along. The new rookie contracts make it feasible to have a bunch of young high draft picks, but most likely he opts out and tests the market unless his recovery is slow.
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    I'd rather have Revis at 12-14 than Cro at why not trade cro to free up some money???

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlickBri481 View Post
    Don't underestimate how an awful secondary has doomed some great teams of recent years. Revis has far more value than you guys are giving him credit for. Most teams don't even have a guy as good as Cromartie. SB contenders like the Pats line up scrubs like McCourty and the Giants are on like a 5th stringer across from Webster right now. Plenty of the upper echelon teams in the league would be interested in adding Revis as a sort of final piece of the puzzle.
    Thank You!! If Revis went to the PATS you would see them becoming a top 3 defense. If for no other reason than to keep him off other teams we need to keep him. Before we had him we were begging for a corner that could stop the other teams from scoring at will. Don't underestimate the value of him. He isn't the problem with this team and he isn't stopping the front office from getting better offensive talent neither. The Jets have never been unable to sign their draft pics nor any free agent they really wanted because of money (Namndi included).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevisCroWilson View Post
    I'd rather have Revis at 12-14 than Cro at why not trade cro to free up some money???

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    This is surprisingly overlooked. I understand the argument that we shouldn't over invest in the CB position. But one of the reasons we are over invested is because we have a player like Cro being paid 8 million a year to play #2. Assuming both are healthy why not trade Cro and keep Revis at something like 11 million per? You are forgoing 3 mill a year for a much better #1 corner. Joseph got a 10 mill a year deal, so it's not like good teams never do those kind of deals.

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    If there's a new GM on the team next season (which seems very likely) I can't imagine his first order of business being to kiss Revis' feet and give in to his demands. He'll either extend Revis for no more than 12 mil a year or trade him. He'll make his mark on the team by making tough decisions on Revis, Holmes, and Sanchez. The only tradeable piece there is Revis.

    Hypothetically, would people be happy for a Revis-Harvin trade? Some sort of package that nets us Harvin and a couple of picks for Revis? Revis and a 6th for Harvin and a 3rd + 4th? Something to this nature?

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    Can't let Revis go PERIOD
    trade Cro cut Bart Scott, trade David Harris, if anything.
    Calvin Pace???
    It's not Revis fault. (Mike Wallace catch on Cro)


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