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Thread: Look for Rex to stay as HC, and Tanny/Sanchez to be gone in 2013.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conkboy View Post
    If you hire a new GM he is going to want to bring in his own new HC. I am not sure I can remember a scenario where the GM changed due to firing, an outside guy took over and a new coach wasn't hired.
    Holmgren-Mangini, not that the Browns are the epitome of success. But a GM/President is often willing to give a HC one year to prove something if he has a track record. Heck Mangini didn't even have quite the track record Rex does.

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    I agree with the lack of talen but if you think tanny needs to go then you agree the poor job of placing talent around the qb. No qb would succeed with the talent the jets have. In the end another baseless thread full of ideas not facts


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