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Thread: Will Mark Sanchez Be In The League In 5 Years?

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    Sanchez won't be like all the other ninnies after leaving football, broke and headed for bankruptcy

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetfan29 View Post
    I have my doubts
    2nd string for another team!!! No doubt!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    I don't know. He might be able to stick with an organization as like a 3rd string QB, but that is all he has to hope for. He could be selling insurance in two years also.
    Between him and Gholston....about $80Mill blown, if someone in this organization doesn't fall on the sword I swear I'm done with this team, preferably the entire "scouting" department. Amazing that f'ing Bradway is still calling shots under a different Title haha. You know the as*-kissing bean counter will never stand up and resign like he should.

    It never ends, the politics with this Jet organization, they never will bite the bullet and admit to being wrong, especially this current regime, hanging onto these weak Draft picks that are always talked up and take space on the roster.

    When I saw that extensive list of bust QB's coming out of USC it almost made me sick. This dates back to Pat Haden in the early 70's...ALL busts up till now. And the Jets scouts don't know this???? "Yeah, we must trade up for Sanchez he has 1 year of experience playing against a very weak conference, he also has All-Americans at every position and his receivers ALWAYS have 5 yards+ separation, the fact that it took him until his senior year to win the starting job is not a Red Flag, we MUST have him, his past translates well to the NFL"....even if he started ALL 4 YEARS at that school it's a f'ing Red Flag.

    Watch them pick Barkley next year to show how smart they are haha.

    I say Sanchez does the back-up thing for a couple of years then retires and lives on the beach eating In-Out burgers every day long before he's 30...guy basically is a Lottery ticket Gholston.


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