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Thread: The Real Problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by rextilleon View Post
    Make a play? Thats like asking a blind man to thread a needle. We DONT HAVE PLAYMAKERS--thats the whole point.
    How did we score 17 points againt the Texans "TOP" defense?

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    I'm constantly yelling at my screen "DO SOMETHING!!"

    Kerley and Cromartie are the only ones who seems to have a pulse on our team. But you are so right about us lacking playmakers in general. Meanwhile, I watched the Pats game and Woody is running for a first down on 3rd and 17 and in general just making plays for that stupid team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SONNY WERBLIN View Post
    It's simple as this..... Somebody, anybody, make a play!

    The fact is that, for whatever reason, these Jets do not make "plays".
    This is SO true. Good post.


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