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Thread: Jets beat Yankees in ratings in New York and nationally

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    Jets beat Yankees in ratings in New York and nationally

    Jets beat Yankees in ratings in New York and nationally

    Yankees playoff baseball stood no chance against Tebow-mania. The Jets, who played the Texans on ESPN’s "Monday Night Football," outdrew the Yankees’ ALDS Game 2 loss to the Orioles in both the national and New York markets, according to the Sports Business Journal.
    The Jets drew a 10.0 rating nationally while the Yankees, who played on TBS, scored a meager 3.6. The spread was much smaller in New York, with Gang Green scoring a 13.8 and the Bombers a respectable 11.0.

    It seems as if more Jets fans were content with watching the 23-17 loss from the comfort of their homes than at MetLife Stadium. It was reported that 12,000 tickets went unsold for Monday night’s game, a claim that the Jets denied.

    Game 1 of the Yankees’ ALDS series, which was delayed nearly two hours because of rain, was also outperformed nationally on Sunday night by NBC’s broadcast of the Saints’ 31-24 defeat of the Chargers. The Yankees’ 7-2 win over Baltimore drew a 3.3 rating while the Saints-Chargers game, in which Drew Brees set an NFL-record by throwing a touchdown pass in his 48th consecutive game, scored an 11.7.

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    I have been saying this forever, NY like every other Tv Market in the country is a football town, not a baseball town.

    The Yankees are not and have not been the most popular team in town, like talk radio and newspapers and local TV like to think they are. All NY teams fall behind the Giants and Jets in popularity.

    And its not just that a playoff yankee game draws less of a TV crowd than a jets regular season game. I bet if the Sunday game was a better national matchup, say the Pats/Broncos game of earlier in the day, the non NY team football game, would have outdrew the local yankees in NY.

    WFAN and ESPN radio spend way way too much time talking baseball, Yankess, and they should never mention the Mets, ever under any circumstances, cause no one cares.

    All talk radio should be based around football 12 months a year,a nd baseball gets sprinkled in on occasion. Hell I think the NBA is a bigger sport than MLB. I am willing to bet, and I have not looked up the numbers, that the Knicks opening round game vs the heat last year, did better ratings than the Yankees.

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    Its not even the offseason!!!


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