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Thread: So close yet so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsCrazey View Post
    the problem with Sanchez is that the raw skills seem there, but he has shown 0% improvement since his 1st game in 2009

    How Cavanaugh is still here is beyond me.

    Zero natural football instinct. Zero pocket awareness. Zero ability to make a play when he has to leave the pocket. Just panic when the play breaks down. It's sad.
    we can blame whoever you want! Sanchez is NOT a great QB nor is he even very good. We are going to pay him over 8 million dollars next season to do what? He gets paid to win! There are NO excuses if he doesn't. He had great players around him in 2009 and 2010. What did he win?
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    Quote Originally Posted by IM3 View Post

    here are some highlights this guy is Awesum!
    Well he does have a ring


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