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Thread: "Mark Sanchez is on his way out as New York Jets quarterback"

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY's stepchild View Post
    It's crazy to think a QB should need a 1 or a 2 receiver, or more than a practice squad TE and RT. A RB that can't catch or run routes, or even run for that matter. A good QB would have made these guys pro bowlers by now. Who cares if they played 3 world class defenses, and don't add in Miami, who's defense turns out is really good. Don't worry about this being a brand new offense either. A good QB knows every offense inside and out. Sanchez blows.
    Actually, Yes.

    Well, lets throw together that perfect storm for the Sanchez, and see what he really has to offer.

    Look out Tom Brady!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
    Head in the sand ostrich fandom is common, don't feel bad. At least out of this world optimists like Ray Ray and sg3 usually keep coming back to take their lumps and keep forecasting glory.

    The Jets are a cluster F going in the wrong direction, better to blast them like they deserve than to pretend a problem does not exist.
    Nah bro, I just see football for what it is to us fans- a form of entertainment. I enjoy rooting like hell for the Jets to win, and I love underdogs.

    I also don't fancy wasting my time being pissed off or depressed about things I can't control, which is why I can't be bothered to come on here and spew pessimism all day long, or engage other posters in a discussion about why my team sucks or who is really to blame for deficiencies.

    I also don't care much for seeking out posters so I can "taking my lumps" on an anonymous internet forum. If you'd like to give me some of your lumps, by all means go and search for the threads I've started, or some of the few posters ive debated with in other threads, and spit your stuff.

    When you read through them though, I think you'll find just how much research and thought goes into my posts. I haven't the time or care to sit around posting nonsense on JI and wait for a response just to liven up my day.

    I'll continue to root for my team and players and hope they overcome this adversity, because I believe that's actually the better alternative, than to ***** about it in cyber space. When I don't think we'll do well, I'll stay away...much like I have the last two weeks.

    I can't wait till Sanchez proves you wrong so that you can come here and enjoy taking your lumps from people who enjoy giving you theirs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdJETSetter View Post
    You really think hes gone?
    The capmasters informed me not for at least another year after this season.I think its why they are so delicate to bench him.

    I think they are gonna ride Sanchez all season long.

    "no tebow for you"
    Don't want Tebow either. I firmly believe now that the Jets need to clean house from top to bottom. It's evident that we're not going anywhere with the state of both sides of the ball. Clean house, new GM, new coaches, get as many draft picks as you possibly can and start from there. It will take a couple of years. But that's the formula.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenWave View Post
    You forgot a superior running game (you know, for the masterful play action) and a brilliant OC who can scheme the Jets to victory.

    The Jets are only 51 players away from having an elite QB.
    I feel better now. I thought it was worse than that.

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    He compares Sanchez to Russell, the big difference is Sanchez HAS HAD GREAT GAMES! Russell, Harrington, and a bunch of other 1st Round QB BUSTS never have!

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    However I do agree that Sanchez would benefit and play great if he got benched for a game.

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    Lasts 4 games, 3 Tds - 5 int's, 3 fumbles
    37%, 46.7%, 44.8%, 45.2%
    Including 138 yards and 103 yards in 2 games....

    Enough said.

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    BULLSH*T!!! Just played wk #5 not wk #15!!! Longtime playa longtime rockin tis here dance..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jxc View Post
    The Sanchez defenders argue that his receivers don't help him, that back-up tight end Jeff Cumberland could have corralled the high pass. On our SiriusXM NFL Radio show, former NFL MVP Rich Gannon explained, "A quarterback needs to know who he is throwing the ball to." Cumberland needed the ball in the bread basket. Sanchez simply can't deliver.

    Mark KNEW who he was throwing to. The problem was that he THOUGHT he was throwing to an NFL WIDE-RECEIVER, not a BEER-LEAGUE one.

    And Adam seems to know where the ball needs to be thrown to Cumberland....I'd like to know this :

    Where the hell did he get THAT type of information? Did Cumberland go up to him and tell him that he likes to get the ball in the "bread basket"(as Schein said)? If so, why did he give him and not Mark the memo on that?

    I agree with most of what he said but in this particular part?

    EAD, indeed.....Schein.

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    Yup, I vote for EAD Schein, maybe a whole bag of them to keep his fat mouth shut for more than a couple minutes...

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    I vote for 100 percent agreement with Schein. He is not comparing Sanchez to Russell ... He is simply stating a coincidental fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetman67 View Post
    Exactly, they succeed as a unit and fail as a unit. I have seen bad passes and also good passes dropped.
    Again more words of wisdom from my friend to the north of me.

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    My question is jason campbell is worst then sanchez??

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    Is hasselbeck worse? Come on rex with the homerism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamaicanJetFan View Post
    EAD Schein. God I can't wait for Sanchez to shut some people up on Sunday
    Another Sanchez loser! you people make me sick you'll never win anything!

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    Hopefully Schein's thoughts become reality, because then dreams really do come true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revis-ed View Post
    However I do agree that Sanchez would benefit and play great if he got benched for a game.
    I agree bench him for a game or ten.

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    Anyone who believes Sanchez is anywhere close to being a quality NFL QB has no clue about football

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    I was at the game and watched the post game when I got home. I was so pissed watching Sanchez play and then to hear lagreca and Buttle deflect all criticism from our QB made me pull over and scream. I have defended Markie from the beginning but I am done. I was so glad to watch the TV post game to hear I was not the only one that saw what I saw. And I gotta turn off Sanchez conference because I want puke. Its like a record, no emotion, no accountability. Now I remember why I don't like QB's from California, to laid back. I want Tebow to start so he can show he's even worse and then everyone will shutup about him and realize that Madden is right, we don't have any QB's
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikebe1 View Post
    Is hasselbeck worse? Come on rex with the homerism.

    Did you watch the game last night?. Seven minutes left, down a TD to the Steelers and he drives them for the tie and then for the winning FG. Our man, throws interceptions, walks off the field with his head down, never blames himself and heads to Manhattan for 2 days to bang his cougar. You are right, Hasselbeck is better and that's sad.


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