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Thread: Let 71 Harrison Damon should Play in Place of Ellis Kenrick

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    For someone scouted as injury prone, he's the only healthy DT we got!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    Is that something that scouting reports often lead off with? Never noticed it.
    it's not uncommon with PFW..Whether it leads off with it or in the bio itself I can't remember

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    I actually disagree about the daughter thing. Usually having a child gives a person a new perspective on life and an increased sense of responsibility as they now have someone who relies on them.

    Given all the struggles he has gone through, hopefully he is a mature 20-something who is putting in the work to be successful. that you?

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    Harrison, Wilkerson, Coples, slot Ellis in on 4-3 looks.

    Harrison is one of the largest human beings I've ever seen. Reminds me of Pat Williams a bit.

    I mean Coples is huge, too (6'6", 284) but Harrison, despite being shorter seemed to be as wide as two Coples.

    With Pouha and DeVito appearing done, it blows my mind that this staff won't play these kids.

    But now with all the injuries, they have to. You will never know what you have in Coples if you keep a guy that size with that athleticism benched for washed up scrubs like Pace, Thomas, and DeVito.


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