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Thread: Dion Lewis- RB - Eagles

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    Dion Lewis- RB - Eagles

    Put this in the "hey, he can't be worse than Shonn Greene" category. Not sure what they would want for him, but he is young and can probably miss a tackle once in a while. He isn't the bruiser type that rex probably wants, but he runs alot tougher than his height (5'8) would suggest.

    Dion Lewis - RB - Eagles
    Beat writer Tim McManus suggests the Eagles may be willing to listen to trade offers for RB Dion Lewis.
    Lewis has been a healthy scratch in four of five games this season, as Bryce Brown has taken over backup duties and Chris Polk contributes on special teams. A potential holdup is that the teams most obviously on the hunt for a tailback need more of a volume sustainer, not a satellite back best used in space.

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    No trades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop this crap already!!

    Trades are what have us in this position in the first place.. Sit tight and wait until the offseason and the draft.

    Personally i'd love to get rid of every back on the team in the offseason outside of Mcknight. Draft a RB in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th. And sign Reggie Bush.

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    I like Lewis. But not in a trade when he'll likely be cut in the offseason.

    You have to ask yourself what he could bring to the table that Joe McKnight can't, and I don't see how you come up with anything.

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    No thanks.


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