I'm definitely in agreement that this Jets team is pretty bad, but we match up pretty well this weekend and I think will win for the reasons below:

First off, whoever said Donald Brown is gonna destroy the D should note that the guy isn't even playing. The starter is Vick Ballard.

Also, Mathis is out, Vontae Davis is doubtful and Freeney is banged up. Colts are 26th against the run and 13th against the pass.

Sanchez should see more time in the pocket than he has all season and sh*tbag Shonn Greene may even avg 4 ypc if we're lucky. I hope to see a heavy dose of Powell though.

Jets are ranked 5th against the pass and Rex usually does a nice job confusing young QBs.

Also, there is the Chuck Pagano hangover to take into account after such a big win last week.