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Thread: The Rex Ryan Conundrum...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
    I admittedly am not familiar with his Cleveland experience. In that case, if Belichick was already hated by the fan base, then why did Modell fire him anyway if he had achieved some success?

    BB was hated by the fanbase because he benched Kosar the hometown boy.

    His Drafting and the decision to move cost him the job.

    Do you believe that Belichick envisioned Brady to succeed Bledsoe as the franchise QB and drafted him with that purpose?
    Brady was a gift from the football Gods. neither BB nor anyone ever envisioned him becoming this type of NFL qb. What can be said for BB is that he kept him on as the 4th QB on the roster all during his rookie year. No coach as far as i can remember has ever done that.

    There is something internal in all great players that drive them to succeed. However to think that Brady would have developed along the same path under another HC is also a stretch.

    Each of them benefited from having the other.

    For instance, I think Romo would be a much better qb under Bill. I don't think Farve would have developed like he did without Holmgren, or Montana- Walsh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manchez View Post
    How the hell does Shonne Greene's performances warrant even ONE more offensive snap? Joe McKnight has proven time and time again he is a true weapon in space why not give him the ball even a paltry 10 snaps a game? Powell has proven he can do more with what our OL is giving than Greene can. There's your one two punch at RB; bench Greene.
    Since you brought this point up in several threads, I thought I do you a solid and bump it up again.


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