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Thread: Why was Luck still in game?

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    Why was Luck still in game?

    Watching last series of game, less than a minute to go, Jets up 35-9. 2nd down, Luck gets sacked by 2-3 Jets. Crazy that you have the future of your franchise out there at that point. Thought it was very curious decision, and pretty irresponsible. Bet Ariens got a call from Irsay after game about that one.

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    Uh, he is a rookie and they are trying to develop him. He needs snaps, the more he gets, the better he will be.

    Every Volt game this year is meaningless, so if you are worried about him getting hurt, why isn't he just holding a clipboard this season?

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    It is all part of the learning process. He needs to take his bumps and bruises. They are evaluating how he handles the successes AND the failures.

    He is a big, strong kid. He had guys draped all over him and still managed to get away. Besides, his pass protection was pretty good yesterday. It wasn't like he was taking shots from the blind side every time he dropped back.


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