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Thread: Sparano Not "Allowing" Sanchez to Help Out Receivers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vin View Post
    JOEWILLIEWHITESHOES......Oh I remember you!

    You're the guy who used to be a regular at TGG.

    Anyway, back on-topic.....Mark is going to be a Jet at least for one more season(next year) but I hope the Jets go and draft a QB now with the Rookie Cap.
    Nah...I'm not on that other site..someone else.

    Still waiting on someone to tell me which of those 3 categories Sanchez falls in, because if it is none of the 3, does he deserve to start in the NFL? Ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    OK, thanks, now I know it wasn't just me.

    ..College kids, humph. Dey, one a step from the streets.


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