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Thread: Coples showed up today

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    Devito and coples bring very different things to the table, and if we are going to continue to play a 3-4 then what this team needs is more of what coples can do at this point.

    Devito is a great interior lineman, who can occupy blockers and let our LBs make plays...unfortunately our current group of LBs cant make any plays.

    Coples has the ability to disrupt plays in the backfield and rush the passer on "non-certain passing downs".

    Obviously there is a huge difference in Oline play between the texans/SF and the Colts, but yesterday was the most snaps coples has played for us and happened to be the best defensive effort of the season. Not sure what else we need see there....

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    He played well, and IMO has earned more PT. that face mask was ridiculous though. Gotta be smarter than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    Devito needs to be phased out when Ellis/Pouha get healthy.

    He's a solid player against the run, but completely one dimensional and shouldn't be taking valuable playing time away from a guy who could be special like Coples. Not to mention he's a FA after this season and there's no way we're bringing him back when he can probably get a bigger contract and possibly a starting job on another team.
    Why trash Devito, while it was the colts it was the first time all year the middle wasn't wide open. Now Ellis is young and Pouha is hurt but yesterday they did a nice job taking away the run. Best by far all season. The three of them played very well yesterday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    You mean like you being stuck up a POS QB's a$$? Go crawl back under your rock.

    It's becoming extremely clear that you don't know jack s h i t about football. If anyone should crawl under a rock it should be you. At least then you'd save yourself the embarrassment of all the nonsense you spew here on a daily basis. You might as well just type out "Derp aa durp dee durp DEEEERRRPPP!!!" instead of your usual; it would make more sense.

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    From PFF on yesterday's game

    Wilkerson Continues to Shine

    The Jets’ best player with Darrelle Revis sidelined may well be five technique Muhammad Wilkerson (+2.8). The Temple product has simply been outstanding this season as Rex Ryan’s penchant for finding talented defensive lineman is clear to see. Wilkerson’s run defense against the Colts was especially impressive as he proved too much to handle for the makeshift interior. He made four tackles after short gains against Castonzo, Hills and McGlynn respectively. Wilkerson’s most impressive play came with 11.31 to go in the third quarter as he got inside McGlynn and chopped down Vick Ballard after just a gain of two. Ending with seven stops on just 14 run defense snaps is simply a marvel.

    It wasn’t as positive a performance for Wilkerson as a pass rusher where he generated just a sack, hurry and batted pass. The sack wasn’t an especially good rush as Luck had tons of time in the pocket but he was able to strip the ball out which ended the game.

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    Remember when rex started all that commotion when he said that Coples would definitely start....then didn't start Coples in one game until week 5? Well besides how infuriatingly annoying that was, I hope Rex has the sense to start Coples every week from now on, first because he's the best passrusher we have right now, second to help him continue to develop.

    And all this talk about Wilk being the odd man out on the Line is ridiculous, DeVito is average at what he does, at best. Yes, he's consistently average, but Wilk is consistently better, and lest we forget is only 5 games into his second year. DEs tend to take a solid two years to really settle in, I'll live with some of those "inconsistencies" like the game in SF to watch him progress into the best run stopper we have and develop his passrushing skills.

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    I have been a Devito fan and supporter.. He has the ability to play various positions accross the DL and is a solid and active run defender...

    there are plenty enough snaps for Mo, Coples and Devito..... I think you have to let the younger guys play a bigger role... Coples has biggest upside of any lineman the Jets have.... He as ability to play run and get to passer..... Big MO is an important player as well..

    Think Devito has a key role in mix.... but i think in terms of Snaps, I would give the edge to the younger guys.. need to get to that QB!


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