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Thread: Chandler Jones

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    I can't tell you who is going to be better in the long run but what I don't get is where people are saying Jones is a "one trick pony". That I don't get.

    I assume the measurement is against the pass and against the run.

    Jones has 27 tackles, 5 sacks, and 3 FF in 6 games. Twenty seven tackles in six games is pretty good for a rookie and the sacks and FF speak for themselves. I'm sure he's got a lot of forced pressures too.

    In fact, Jones has the second most tackles of *all* defensive ends in the NFL (solo + assist) ...not rookies, the NFL. JJ Watt has 32. Jones is second with 27.

    I don't understand what the "one trick pony" stuff is about. It seems he's doing pretty well against both the run and pass.
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