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Thread: Hey Negative Nancy... Playing for first next week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaysideSteve View Post
    Coming soon to a field near you...

    I lol'd more at your avy.

    Would be nice to see Tammy on the ground like that...dejected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsNeedNewton View Post
    Eat $hit and die whiner b@stards!!! We have devistated the cheats before and will do it again!

    Time to sock it to them again. Negative Nancy's I have a pickle in my pants for you too.


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    ^ That is a bit too much....even for the Negative Nancies.

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    You're calling me out, and I deserve it!!

    Great to see the Jets beat people up in the trenches today.

    The NFL is nuts. Anything can happen. One game at a time.

    Big win, cheers.


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    Hope the Jets show the same fire, tenacity, and EXECUTION they showed this week up in Foxboro next sunday. It will be tough but the KEY is THE RUNNING GAME, PERIOD.

    If we can't get it going, Mark is NOT going to be much help in the passing game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnysd View Post
    Brady could be called for intentional grounding 2 times every game, he gets away with it all the time.

    I see NOTHING in NEs defense. The Jets have a good shot.
    Yes all the time...remember when he got away with it even in the Superbowl and twice today?

    And I see nothing in either the Jet's defense or offense. But yes the Jets have a shot. Every team has a shot.

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    First, I'm thrilled that we won the Colts game as comprehensively as we did. Played hard for a full 60 minutes, no late rallies / taking the foot off the gas etc.

    At the end of the game, and after I saw the patsie result this morning, I couldn't help but think back to recent seasons - game vs. Patsies upcoming, us coming off a big win, Patsies looking vulnerable (pig / slaughter etc ). Division lead / tie breaker implications all at stake ... and we get annihilated. Obviously I hope the outcome is different this week, but it just seems too much like deja vu to me ...

    Also - Patsies are 3-3 having played 4 road games, Jets are 3-3 having played 4 home games. Quite a difference there.

    We must establish the run game next week - Belichicken will know that he must force us to air it out so will commit to stopping the run, if we lose that battle we lose the game. Hopefully this week will have brought encouragement, but not overconfidence, to the running game.


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