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I like this.

Steve Young goes from the worst team in the NFL to the best team in the NFL and suddenly he's a great quarterback and the game has slowed down for him. I don't suppose it because he had wide receivers like Jerry Rice and John Taylor right? A little Brent Jones to go with your Ricky Watters perhaps?

Put Mark Sanchez behind the wheel of the 1994 San Francisco 49ers, let him drive Joe Montana's car like Steve Young did, and I'll be the first to say he's got to go if he doesn't succeed with that group.

Mark Sanchez is in its fourth season. First year he was a rookie. Second-year was his best. Third-year he had no offensive line and old receiving weapons. Fourth-year he has no offensive line, no running game, and no offensive weapons.

Since Mark Sanchez joined the Jets, our running game and our receiving targets have gotten worse and worse and worse. You cannot judge Mark Sanchez until he has a full complement of weapons to go to war with.


OK, then let's give him Brady's weapons.

Sound good?




Guess what:

They aren't that great. Especially Brees and Rodgers. Outside of Jimmy Graham and Greg Jennings, who do they have exactly?

You think Lance Moore or Marques Colston are top tier receivers? You realize Jordy Nelson was run out of town in Kansas City prior to being a Packer?

These guys are amazing because the QB is amazing.

You think Wes Welker is catching 100 passes from Sanchez?

Do you even watch the games?

Everything Young said is applicable. Even completed passes are high or sloppy. There's no opportunity for YAC the vast majority of the time.