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    Shonn Greene

    This is what I want to talk about. Who the heck was that guy wearing number 23? He bounced runs outside, spun, juked, and didn't blindly run into the line. Color me shocked. The real story for yesterday's game is Shonn Greene. He was an entirely different runner. A couple of weeks ago I read the Johnny Lynn was working on Greene's cutback moves and generally trying to make him more elusive. I LOL thinking he's been playing football one way his entire life i.e I'm gonna run over the guy in front of me, so he's not gonna change now.... It looks like I may have been wrong.

    The manner in which Greene gained yards was astounding. He was completely transformed from the RB he was prior to yesterday. I'm willing to bet he made more defenders miss tackles yesterday than in his prior 10 games combined.

    I don't know where that guy carrying the rock cam from, but I hope he sticks around because THAT guy is a bell cow. He looked quick, elusive, and powerful.

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    Someone prev posted an article that In college he was the type of runner we saw yesterday, but that style with his small hands led to his fumbling problems early on.

    I've been sh!ting on that guy all season but need to see it for a few weeks before I hop on his bandwagon. We still need to draft a RB

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    It was the Colts, but he had those holes all year and wasn't hitting them. It's definitely encouraging to see him with a little more burst and elusiveness.


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