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Thread: a well-thought out Testaverde apologia

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    a well-thought out Testaverde apologia

    I stumbled across this few-year old blog post which argues that Vinny Testaverde was actually much better than he is given credit for and suffered from poor supporting casts his entire career.

    As impossible as it may be, I want you to wipe away any pre-conceived notions you have of Testaverde and his career. Let's pretend like we are talking about a hypothetical quarterback. All you know is the following:

    1. This quarterback signed with a national collegiate power that was the quarterback factory of the time period.

    2. Our hypothetical quarterback won the Heisman trophy and was the first overall pick in the NFL draft.

    3. He played until he was 44 years old, and threw 6,701 passes in his career.

    So, how good was our hypothetical quarterback? You would pretty guess he was a Hall of Fame caliber player with that info before and at the completion of his career...

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    This was your well-thought out effort? Yikes. I'd hate to see your lazy effort.

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    Time for Wapner....Time for Wapner...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jets Fanatic View Post
    This was your well-thought out effort? Yikes. I'd hate to see your lazy effort.
    I was indicating that the article I linked to was well-thought out.

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    Testaverde was a very good QB for the Jets.


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