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4th year 26 year old in a new offense(finally) with brand new receivers, and now the wins and losses are on him? What happened to wins not being a QB stat?
He needs to keep showing progress with his receivers, and keep projecting confidence on the team. Poor in the two minute drill. Do you even watch the games? How many fumbles does he have this year? How many bad decisions has he made?
He needs to be more accurate, and that seems to come with him being more confident. He has the rest of the year to gain that. No way he's getting benched this year.
Oh yes, just as I predicated at the beginning of the year. From all the door knobs that railed that shotty was the big problem with 'Mark'. I said the last vesatage of excuse making would be the 'new offense' excuse. F that. Watch the games. the offense means zero and the wr mean zero when the guy misses wide open big plays, has ZERO pocket presence and has horribly grisly unforced turnovers.