Prior to deleting this game off my DVR I decided to watch all of the defensive plays carefully especially those which were impactful and some offensive plays here and there.

First off Aaron Maybin's impact won't show up in the stat sheet but he's almost there. The weight he's been carrying this year; he looks to be getting used to. When Rex lines him up on the right side its where he's most effective. He's also so fast that when he goes wide outside it opens things up for guys on the inside ... Mo, Coples and etc whenever they are moved more inside. Maybin's bull rush last year was pointless. He'd just get stopped at the point of attack or pushed back. He's actually getting a bit of a push now and he's getting closer to the QB when he decides to do it. A perfect example of his impact is on Cro's INT where he was going outside on the left tackle for a while to obviously set up a 3rd down move. On this play he fakes outside and with the quickest burst gets inside on the tackle and forces Luck to step out of his comfort spot and make a throw off balance. Maybin maybe got credited for a rush there but he basically broke the pocket and on a quick 3 step drop play that is crucial and it forces Luck to throw the ball off balance in a crowded area. I think Maybin is REAL close to having a breakout game. Not every QB is as shifty as the last 2 QB's we've faced. It wouldn't shock me to see him get to Brady next week either with some clean rushes, hits, or a sack or 2. We all know how helpful that would be.

Austin Howard - This guy's play should not be taken for granted. I know in week 1 it was noticable cause there was focus on him but this guy is extremely steady. He's solid with pass blocking (unlike Hunter) but in the run game he's A LOT better now than he was earlier in the season. He's getting much lower and better leverage on the outside guys especially on those outside run plays.

Last but not least Cromartie is getting a lot of praises but wow has he stepped up his play big time since the Revis injury especially in these last 2 weeks. He's playing like a shutdown corner.