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Thread: The AFC is Trash

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    2 teams over .500
    7 teams at 3-3
    7 reams with a losing record

    Yeah, pretty crappy.

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    @DWAZ73: According to, #Jets would host #Patriots in 1st rd. RT @nfl If the season ended today....

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    The AFC is 9-19 this year against the NFC. The only AFC team better than .500 against the NFC is the Colts at 2-1.

    Things will probably even out as the season goes on, but right now, the disparity is huge.

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    Maybe all the AFC are really GOOD!

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    I was just going to say didn't the Colts just beat the Packers. Don't say that the Packers were looking ahead. They needed that win.
    I think we need to let more of the season play out to make a judgement on which conference is better than the other.

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    The games against the Steelers and Texans were winnable even with horrible play by the Jets. Both these teams are average right now..

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    The NFC has played better of late, but last year a mediocore 9-7 swept through the NFC and ended up winning the super bowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IM3 View Post
    The pats r still a pretty good team I wouldn't let 3 really close losses change that fact. Last year they lost close games back to back and then kicked the crap out of us at the jets and didn't lose a game the rest of the season. They would still be my Super Bowl pick from the afc.

    Also the second best team could be Miami they should probably be 5-1 they blew the games vs us and the cardinals
    Nothing gets the Pats back on track like a shillacking of the Jets.


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