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Thread: Anyone Catch InsideTheJets tonight on radio?

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    Anyone Catch InsideTheJets tonight on radio?

    Caught the show tonight and heard something interesting tid-bits from the interviews that caught my attention. Was wondering if anyone found the points interesting as well.

    Quinton Coples and Antonio Allen were the guests on tonight's show.

    * QC seems like a confident young player, but admitted it's been quite a learning curve to grasp Rex's defense with all the sub packages and formations. Seems to have a naturally laid back demeanor.

    * He referred to himself as a being in a class of elite pass rushers and it was good to get the first one out of the way. I liked that he sees himself as being able to perform at a high level in this league. He definitely sounds like he knows he has the tools and talent to do so.

    * Mentioned Bart Scott and Po'uha as significant vocal and veteran mentors & team leaders. Constantly pumping him up in practice and calling him out when he's not going 100% in practice. "Vets can tell when you're not going 100%" QC is aware of the "lazy" perception and the Vets use that as material to mock/motivate him. He seems appreciative of the veterans in the locker room.

    *Despite the defensive roster being more suited to a 4-3, QC says he doesn't see them playing more of that formation and continue to primarily run the 3-4 in practice.

    *Allen is appreciative of the opportunity to get playing time and just trying to make plays. Was frustrated not making the initial 53 and it was hard to not get down, but kept at it and will keep working hard. The SEC is the best conference in the country and playing in that conf. helped him adjust to the speed of game.

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    Good info. Thanks for posting it


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