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Thread: Jets Tweets & Info 10/16

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY's stepchild View Post
    Even Bouncey is a better performer than least at his age.

    I see it...what you did there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RussianGreen View Post
    Not to mention that she has a better body.
    In Jayz's music video for Bonnie n Clyde, I'd agree with you.

    Other than that, I'm taking Holmgren.

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    GRIMES needs to put on some weight (10 lbs) so he doesnt get injured like Powell and McNkight.. From 210 to 220 is HUGE-UHH!!!

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    Has there been anything definitive on McKnight? Or is his status still "getting an MRI"?

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    They should have comedians do stand up at halftime of the SB.


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