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Thread: Mike Holmgren to leave Browns

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    Quote Originally Posted by KR View Post

    Holmgren and Mike Shannahan both had a shot at RG3 this offseason. Holmgren had a better pick as well as an extra first round pick. He lost. Then he reached on Weeden.

    Holmgren is now fired, while Shannahan has one of the most young exciting teams in football.

    I want no part of Holmgren on this team EVER.
    Holmgren has a history of not drafting QBs high and finding talent. Young, Farve, and Matt Hassellbeck all out of no where. Yeah we wouldn't need a GM that has a history of finding and making franchise QBs out of mid rounders. He raved about Cam just didn't get him. Washington got raped to trade up to 2nd for RG3. Trent was a great pick. Trading away all of there picks when they seriously have nothing would have been a horrid move. Cleveland landed 6 good starter out of that last draft alone. He started there with nothing and in 3 years has put together a nice young team headed in the right direction. In 2 year this team will be a serious contender again because of his drafts. Yeah OK 1-5 but can you honestly say this team has no hope for the future right now?

    I was critical of the Weeden pick because I like McCoy. Hinds site so far Weeden looks really good. I still like McCoy but I can't say they didn't get value on that Weeden pick right now. The more he plays the more team will have issues beating this Cleveland team. I don't consider them a walk off win for the other team anymore. Most of that has been Holgrens draft moves over the last few years.

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    Absolutely not.

    You want an Upgrade?

    Kevin Abrams, AGM of the NY Giants. Served under Accorsi prior to getting passed over for Reese.

    Would be a huge pickup and would immediately draft amazingly well with some random guy you have never heard of in the first round from Appalachian state who has 13 sacks his rookie year............

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braumeister View Post
    If you're going to fire Tanny, at least get someone who will be a significant upgrade. Holmgren is a good coach, but pretty lousy at making personnel decisions.
    This. We don't need to regress, with due respect.

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    Can the Brownstains take Tanny off our hands? Take Woody and Teabag while they're at it too.


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