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Thread: Who do you consider and elite QB ?

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    Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers

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    I only wish to chime in to state, IMO, Big Ben should absolutely be considered elite. He is a unique and special player that can carry a team on his back with no running game and terrible protection. It isn't always pretty but he is clutch, has 2 SB rings, and finds a way to win. Ben is huge but freakishly athletic, and I have never seen another QB to compare him to.

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    "Elite" gets thrown around a lot. When the crypt keeper talks about Joe Flacco being "elite" I laugh.

    Elite, IMO, is top three at your position.

    Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Tom Brady.

    That's elite in the NFL right now, IMO. Peyton and Drew Brees are the next tier down.


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