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Thread: Dwayne Bowe

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    No Bowe

    You spend your money on O-line & Qb's for the offense... History has proven that you can put many backs behind a quality line and they will do well.

    A great QB will make great WR's. Not the other way around. Look at Larry Fitzgerald in AZ.....

    Tom Brady has "made" all of his receivers. Can't name one that's left and been an impact player... Look at Deion Branch... Went to Seattle and did nothing.

    You build your offense by controlling the line of scrimmage and having a great QB... The other pieces you fill in..

    No on Bowe... No way, no how do you give up any high draft pick for him.

    And you don't go out renting players. That's totally ridiculous.

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    And people saying we should package Tebow w/ Holmes for Bowe, please stop...

    Nobody places any trade value on Tebow except the Jets... Tannenbaum gave up 2 picks for this guy when Elway would've been glad to take a 7th. He just wanted to dump him.

    Tannenbaum is a joke. Needs to be fired. But that's another thread I'm sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpoppy7 View Post
    I think you've confused the words most and least.
    Maybe you have confused talented, with consistent.


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